12:12:12 – What Do These Numbers Mean To Us?

Numerology Gives Us The Hidden and Powerful Meaning Behind 12:12:12! (audio recording below)

Not sure if I shared with you that in my past life I worked as a numerologist for both individuals and corporations – and as a reader during the wee small hours of the morning for one of the top psychic networks. And I loved every minute of this work – or rather play!

As a child I was introduced to numerology and Tarot cards by the gypsies who squatted on the back end of my Grandparents property in bonnie Scotland. It was the most fascinating experience of my life. And it has impacted my entire life ever since. So today when I headed out for my hour of power walk with the intention of simply taking in all of nature and being completely in the moment to honor and fully embrace the unique and special energy frequency of  12:12:12.

Following my inner GPS, I was guided to take a different route through the mountains – a road much less traveled – and MUCH steeper than I have taken before.  My one-hour walk became almost two hours, as I traversed the long and winding trail. What an amazing journey! Here is a photo that I took as I approached the top of the large hill/small mountain… :-)

Anyway, when I reached the top I had an epiphany, and an inspiration. I suddenly felt inspired and compelled to share the power of the meanings behind the numbers creating the unique energy frequency of this 12:12:12 day. And how blessed we are to have a recording devices built right into our phones! So on went the recorder and I began sharing my passion with you as I walked.

To hear this brief message now click on the arrow below and you can listen to the actual meanings behind all of the numbers. Quite frankly, I could have talked for at least 30 minutes on this subject – but wanted to give you as much as I could in less than 10 minutes. Sorry not to get it to you sooner. Uploading from my iPhone became a much longer process than I expected. Oh well, it is after all 12:12:12! :-)

Audio clip: Adobe Flash Player (version 9 or above) is required to play this audio clip. Download the latest version here. You also need to have JavaScript enabled in your browser.

A little correction: I mention my famous quote “Take 5 (minutes) now to save 5 (years) later.” – but said “minutes” in both cases.

And another note: I forgot to mention that although the Universal “9” energy is about brother and sisterhood, and the oneness of all that exists (that I did state), it can also be experienced as the negative perspective of martyrdom. Today (and always) it is critical to come from the positive and love-based “oneness” perspective.

Love to read your thoughts on all of this. What comes up for you? And what did you do to honor this day? For Yourself? For humanity? And for the Universe? I’d be incredibly honored if you would take a moment now to post your comment(s) below…

Much Love

Dr Marilyn Joyce, The Vitality Doctor™

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2 Responses to “12:12:12 – What Do These Numbers Mean To Us?”

  • You had some great energy going on there Brent. Thanks so much for sharing. How cool is that re the turtle. Will you be sharing the photos? The mango tree obviously felt your love and compassion and decided to bare fruit for you. :-) Awesome! You must have great energy to begin with – and then combine it with the power of yesterday’s energy! Wow…

  • How much fun with that! I have always been aware of numbers in my life, and activities, so coming up on this was of course fun
    Even as I was anticipating todays 12 12 12, my morning being scheduled around negative did turn into positives in retrospect. ANd then aftre that was done the rest was my kind of da! Reaquainted my self with an old singer s music, fomdays gone by.
    Took some watercolors out on my patio to photograph before I mailed them to my aunt in Alabama. Then started walking around my south Florida yard when I spoted a green stripped water turtle heading across the lawn, and I had my camera in hand! He saw me a high tailed back towards the lake poor fellow, but not before I grabbe some piscs.
    Then I continued around to the back where I spotted young buds on my mango tree! It was frozen back three years ago, and i CUT IT WAY BACK AND THOUGHT IT WOULD NEVER BARE FRUIT AGAIN!

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